What We Do

We’re your trusted resistance welding company, providing both new, custom resistance welding machines as well as used resistance and spot welders. We also stock copper alloys and standard electrodes, machined custom electrodes and tooling.

The resistance welding process allows you to join metals by sending a force and an electrical current through an electrode. When the electrode comes into contact with the metal, both resistance heat and a nugget are produced.

And compared to other forms of welding, resistance welding is significantly simpler, in many cases requiring only the push of a button to administer. Check out the video below of a resistance weld.

Benefits of Resistance Welding

Look at TIG welding, MIG welding, or arc welding. They all require more supplies, more time, and, ultimately, more money. But resistance welding:

  • Is extremely efficient in short amounts of time, making it ideal for large quantities of cheap products
  • Is less harsh on the welding piece, meaning the product will be less distorted and more aesthetically pleasing
  • Saves you money by targeting only the areas that need to be joined without compromising the rest of the piece

Learn more about how our resistance welding services could be the solution for your unique application.