Our Team

At NSRW, we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship. We are proud of the staff that we have assembled to serve you, our customer. We never forget that your best interest is our best interest.

Sales Team, Engineers, and Administration

  • Joanne Dinsmore

  • Brian Johnson

    Vice President of Operations
  • Wade Burnette

    Vice President of Sales
  • Scott Francis

    Outside Sales
  • Chris Cole

  • Tony Lario

  • Glen Hamer

    Customer Service Specialist
  • Darren Miller

    Customer Service Specialist
  • Stan Sims

    Customer Service Specialist
  • Stacy Figueroa

    International Sales
  • Miles Wood

    Customer Service Specialist
  • Katrina Blackwell

    Accounts Payable
  • Laura Brantley

    Accounts Receivable
  • Terri Payne

    Administrative Assistant
  • David Johnston

    Warehouse Manager
  • Jimmy Mattox

    Machine Shop Manager
  • Chris Morris

    Distribution/Logistics Manager