A dedicated team of experts proficient in every aspect of your welding process with over 30 years of experience. From raw materials to finished products, we are a metal service center specializing in copper, copper alloys and specialty metals used in your welding process. We stock and supply all components for your welding needs. We offer service engineers to troubleshoot any and all problems. We offer training classes to educate your staff on elementary or complex welding issues. We design, build and rebuild equipment and tooling. We step back and analyze your welding process as a whole and then assess, define and deliver solutions.


To improve your welding process.


We are honest and act with integrity in our actions and in our communications with you.


We anticipate rather than react to your production needs. Customer education is vital to our success and is our foremost goal. We customize our inventory specifically for your needs which allows for same day shipments in most cases.


We partner with you. By enlisting NSRW you have added a team of experts to improve your welding process. We provide upfront information and the answers to questions that most don’t know to ask. Our success depends on your success. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us. We never forget that your best interest is our best interest. 

Minority Certified

NSRW qualifies as a minority owned and managed company which has met the certification criteria established by the National Supplier Development Council and approved by the South Regions Minority Business Council’s Certification Committee and Board of Directors. Our minority business certificate.

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ISO 9001 Certified

We have been ISO 9001 certified since 1997. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, both in the products we manufacture and sell and in the way we conduct our business. Our ISO 9001 Certification.

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