Other Materials

RWMA Class Type of Material CDA No. Primary Use

Anviloy is a tungsten-based material that contains a mixture of nickel, iron, and molybdenum. It has low thermal expansion, good thermal conductivity, and a high melting point. Anviloy is readily machinable and cools very quickly, making it an ideal choice for die cast tooling.

95400 62300 62400 63000 Aluminum Bronze

Aluminum bronzes have higher strength and corrosion resistance than other bronze alloys. It is commonly used in the MIG welding processes and in applications in which resistance to corrosion is desired, such as aeronautical components, underwater fastenings, ship propellers, water supply, and oil and petrochemical components.

660 Bearing Bronze

Bearing Bronze is commonly used in bushings, washers, pumps, and bearings. It is easy to machine and has a long life.