Support & Training

Our goal is to make your job easier – whether you need a suggestion on the best alloy to use in a specific application or advice on improving your process, our service staff is here to support you. If your machinery breaks down, we are available with experienced service technicians. We understand your welding requirements and are able to answer the questions you forgot to ask.

Data Acquisition/Inventory Management

  • Catalog Existing Equipment in a Spreadsheet
  • Identify Spare Parts and Consumables
  • Analyze History and Review Electrode Design (Metallurgy, Geometry, Life) for optimized Value, Usage

Onsite Inventory Control

  • Tool Crib Management and Stocking
  • Reduced Overhead
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Accurate Analytics for True ROI


  • Real-time Weld Control Parameters
  • Weld Control Parameter History
  • Weld Control Networking
  • Weld Quality System


NSRW offers onsite Resistance Welding Training and Seminars tailored to our customers’ needs. With a combined experience of more than 30 years in resistance welding, our engineers are more than qualified to meet your training needs.

  • In-house and Onsite Welding Process Training
  • Weld Parameter Training (Basic to Advanced)
  • Operator and Maintenance Level Troubleshooting
  • Experience with Multiple Equipment Types
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