Service & Engineering

NSRW has the most qualified resistance welding engineers and service teams in the country. If you’re in need of quality welding service, you can email us at or call 800-933-6779.

Services Offered

  • Resistance Welding Consulting
  • Process Design and Support
  • Weld Quality System Audits
  • Emergency Support
  • Destructive Weld Testing
  • Application Root Cause Analysis
  • Weld Program Management

Engineering and Service Personnel

Tony Lario

  • B.S. Physics, Michigan State University, 1995
  • Test Lab Manager, General Motors Common Component Testing, 1996-2001
  • Co-Author General Motors WG-001 Weld Gun Performance Specification, 1999
  • NAAMS committee on Modular Weld Guns, 1999 – 2007
  • Consultant on Daimler Chrysler Weld Gun Design Standard, 2005
  • AWS Subcommittee on Certification of Resistance Welding Personnel (2009-Present)

Chris Cole

  • Electrical and Electronic Degree, Dudley College of Technology, Dudley UK 1992
  • Service and Weld Engineer, 17 Years
  • Service Manager, Welding Technology Corporation (WTC), 6 years
  • Calibration Engineer, NAAMS and ISO 9000
  • Electronic Testing, 9 Years