Resistance Welding Training Features

NSRW provides industry-leading weld training services to our clients. With more than 25 years of resistance welding excellence, we develop and produce cutting edge resistance welding training seminars and classes. Our engineers work directly with customers to tailor educational programs to the customer’s needs. Our typical courses are held on location and last one to two days.

Email Tony Lario, our engineer manager, to schedule a class.

Sample Basic Resistance Welding Syllabus

I. Equipment Overview

  1. Introduction to weld guns, cables, transformers, electrodes
  2. Heating process and resistances

II. Materials and Coatings

  1. Material strength and weldability
  2. Coating types and thickness

III. Weld Schedules

  1. MFDC vs. AC
  2. Impact of materials, power, thickness, layers
  3. Limits for spacing and shunt current

IV. Weld Control Hardware and Monitoring

V. Troubleshooting and Maintenance

  1. Troubleshooting documentation and tools
  2. Weld control, process, and parts
  3. Typical faults and solutions
  4. Potential problems and weld gun systems
  5. Weld schedule development
  6. Steppers and dressing

Sample Advanced Resistance Welding Syllabus

I. Equipment Overview

  1. Weld gun cooling, pneumatics
  2. Cylinder components, proximity switches
  3. Actuator characteristics
  4. Cables and transformers
  5. Electrodes

II. Electrode Control

  1. Tip dressing, cap face
  2. Cap installation and changing

III. Comparison of AC and DC Welding

  1. Equipment and facilities
  2. Costs
  3. Heating processes and resistances

IV. Materials and Coatings

  1. Types, thickness, strength, weldability

V. Weld Schedules

VI. Weld Control Hardware and Monitoring

VII. Troubleshooting and Monitoring

  1. Design Flaws