Remanufactured Machines

Welder Repair Process:

  • Complete tear down to bare frame.
  • Color-code all water hoses for supply and return.
  • Sand blast to remove all rust and old paint.
  • Replace all worn bushings, pins and shafts.
  • Paint equipment with mil-spec oil and chemical resistant paint to preserve appearance for years to come.
  • Replace all micarta insulation to assure no leaks to ground.
  • Rebuild air cylinders, replace seals and packings, hone cylinder wall.
  • Clean all secondary copper.
  • Install new filter, regulator, lubricator and gauge.  Completely plumb with new hoses, fittings and clamps.
  • Silver plate all mating surfaces from transformer to electrode holders.
  • Install new aluminum water manifolds with flow regulator valves and flow indicators for positive water flow through every cooling circuit.
  • Automatically activated lighting system when back of transformer compartment and control cabinet door opens for ease of maintenance.
  • Clean, varnish and re-bake transformer.
  • Quality craftsmanship and ease of maintenance is our first priority.
  • Incorporate flow monitoring system so that machine will not operate without cooling water.

Example of Our Work:

Welder Before Repair
Welder After Repair