Unitrol Welding Controls

unitrol solution control

Unitrol Solution Control

The Unitrol Solution uses the most advanced digital electronics available – your guarantee of absolute timing accuracy and consistent heat control. It lets you set your machine and be confident of an accurate weld without the worry of constant adjusting, tweaking and fiddling associated with older type controls. Uniform, predictable, consistent welds repeated over and over again – that’s what the Unitrol Solution is all about.

The Unitrol Solution is designed and built for continuous trouble-free production. Every unit is tested on a production welder before shipment to guarantee the effectiveness of the high-quality components utilized in each control. All functions have built-in troubleshooting indicators that save you valuable time and hours of guesswork.


Unitrol Solution2 Control

unitrol solution 2 control

There is now an affordable resistance welding control that combines all of the unique features of the original Unitrol Solution with additional functions that…

  • Eliminates the need for PLC controls.
  • Provides 26 to 46 input/output functions.
  • Eliminates complex codes.
  • Does not require ladder logic programming.
  • Allows you to simply do more complex things.



Unitrol Simplicity Control

unitrol simplicity controlSimplicity sets a new standard in simple, cost-effective welding controls, providing absolute timing and heat setting accuracy.

It is designed for easy installation without the need for special electronics knowledge or fancy equipment.

Simplicity Controls include as standard provisions for 2 stage installation, single stage initiation, single stage initiation, pressure switch interlock, limit switch interlock, external no weld, emergency stop, transformer over temperature, and contactor over temperature.

There is no special training required to operate Simplicity Controls. Settings are instantly made on direct reading thumb wheel switches. Dual level initiation gives your operator complete control where it counts most: at the welding tips. Indicator lights shine to verify power, solenoid operation, and weld in progress. And the quartz accuracy eliminates the need for continuous resetting.

Simplicity Controls have the capability to do spot and projection welding on such materials as cold rolled, galvanized, stainless, and aluminum.

Unitrol Firen Module

Unitrol Fire’n Module

Unitrol has created an ECONOMICAL, POWERFUL, and SIMPLE MICROCOMPUTER driven resistance welding control system designed to operate a large variety of equipment:

  • Mechanical pedal operated welders
  • Cam operated machine type welders
  • Computer driven welding cells
  • Multi-SCR systems
  • Foot or hand operated bench welders
  • High speed automated welding cells

The basic system is designed to control the welding transformer duties only. Nos solenoid driver is available on the Fire’n Module control. The FIRE’N MODULE can be purchased as a circuit board only for mounting in as existing cabinet with customer supplied SCR contactor or as a complete control with the circuit board and SCR contactor mounted in an enclosure.