Roman Transformers

Fixture Type Transformers

roman fixture type transformers

Applications: The perfect choice for multi-spot welding fixtures.

Features: Single secondary or two isolated. impedance-balanced secondaries are provided, with various tap switch mounting positions and primary disconnect plugs available.

Ratings: 5 to 220 KVA

Machine Type Transformers

roman machine type transformers

Applications: Predominantly used in press, seam, or rocker arm welding machines.

Features: Secondary connection pads conform to RWMA standards. Voltage range covers up to 60% of the high tap voltage. Secondary end is potted with epoxy resin to provide added support to the connections and seal out contaminants.

Ratings: 20 to 600 KVA.

Inverter Power Supply/MFDC/HFDC

roman inverter power supply

Perfect for robotic applications, We offer a full range of high frequency DC power sources that deliver high secondary current in a compact, lightweight package.

We can provide both industry standard and custom design high frequency DC power sources that evenly distribute primary current demand across 3-phase systems.

Operating ranges up to 850 primary volts, and frequency ranges up to 1,200 hertz.

DC Power Supplies/Special Power Sources

roman dc power supplies

As the world’s leading manufacturer of DC power sources for resistance welding and heating, RoMan has the engineering expertise to determine the power source most useful in your situation and take it from design to delivery according to your demanding production schedules.

roman dc power supplies

Roman also manufactures special transformers and DC power supplies for plating and heat treating applications.

Available in single-phase or three-phase configuration, RoMan DC power sources range in size from 10 to 4,000 KVA.

Tap Switches

roman tap switches

RoMan manufactures tap switches to regulate output voltages for welding transformers and other devices requiring switching on the primary.

Available in single-, two-, or three-phase configurations from 100 to 1,000 amps, each tap switch can be custom configured to meet customer specifications.


Grounding Reactors

roman grounding reactors

Grounding Reactors provide protection from electrical shock when direct grounding of the secondary circuit is not practical. They are especially effective on portable guns, and push-pull or series circuits in multi-spot welders.

Available in several sizes and voltage ranges, RoMan grounding reactors can be used with any resistance welding transformer, regardless of make, model, or age.


Impedance Meter

roman impedance meter

RoMan’s portable impedance meter features a variable low-voltage power source that measures tip-to-tip impedance of:

  • Single phase AC resistance
    welding machines
  • Portable Guns
  • Transguns (with or without transformers)
  • Kickless cables


Weld Current Equalizer

The Weld Current Equalizer helps ensure weld quality by balancing secondary weld currents in multi-spot welding machines.


Transgun/Robot Type Transformers

roman transgun robot type transformers

Applications: Resistance welding transguns for robots or multi-spot fixtures.

Features: Compact, lightweight design is suitable for close coupled welding gun mounting. Available with single secondary voltage, or variable secondary voltage range with tap switch.

Ratings: 20 to 100 KVA.


Portable Gun Type Transformers

roman portable gun type transformers

Applications: Any welding installations using portable welding guns, or remote robot guns.

Features: Secondary connections designed to accept low reactance dual conductor (kickless) welding cables. Available in wound and stacked core models. Integral hanger accommodates overhead mounting.

Ratings: 50 to 400 KVA