Miyachi Resistance Welding Controls

miyachi ac controls

AC Controls

The STA Series sets a new standard in AC resistance welding!

The STA-Series is the most advanced, yet simplest range of controls on the market. The range spans from the single contactor STA-100A to the STA-800A with space for up to eight contactors that can be cascaded from a single control. The STA Series features a common intuitive, easy-to-use programming interface for all models and is designed to control and integrate press welders, multi-gun machines, portable guns, seam welders, robotic systems, rocker arm welders and special purpose machines. The basic unit has a comprehensive feature set and a range of advanced options that take AC welding control to new levels.


  • Consumer appliances
  • Nut and stud welding
  • Electronic and automotive components
  • Aircraft components
  • Office furniture
  • Automotive sheet metal


miyachi inverter controls

Inverter Controls

The proven standard in inverter control!

The ISA range of Inverter power supplies provides the highest level of control available today in large scale resistance welding. The ISA-500AR, ISA-1000AR and ISA-2000AR are intelligently packaged in “NEMA” style enclosures and are designed to deliver robust performance in the harshest of production environments. The ISA models can deliver 500, 1000 and 2000 amps of primary welding current, respectively. All three controls feature a high-speed real time adaptive feedback circuit that regulates the weld current and heat generation, and reduces energy usage while increasing electrode life. The ISA controls have five different feedback modes from which to choose, that provide unsurpassed performance and flexibility to produce the best quality welds, even on the most difficult of welding applications. Multiple weld monitoring functions and industry leading process tools enable the user to control the resistance welding process, improve weld quality, increase production efficiency, and reduce cost.


  • Automotive sheet metal and components
  • Stainless and galvanized doors and furniture
  • High-speed bi-metal contact welding
  • Storage Batteries
  • Aircraft components (aluminum and titanium)
  • Nut welding
  • Projection welds
  • Motor armature fusing
  • Markless welding
  • Heavy gauge shelving and wire welds
  • Copper wire fusing
  • Aluminum structure welds
  • Welding of advanced steels (dual phase, TRIP, Martensitic, etc.)
  • Appliance sub-assemblies