Resistance Welding Components & Controls

NSRW has experience with a broad range of resistance welding controls. We sell the latest in MFDC and AC controls, with a variety of IO and communications platforms, dependent on the manufacturers’ options. We also support Three Phase AC, Three Phase DC, Half Wave and Full Wave Frequency convertors. These latter options are becoming more scarce due to the innovations found with MFDC.

Our Sales & Engineering Department can help you choose the right control and platform for your application. Our Service Department can help you with repairs, updates, retrofits, Weld Control Replacement, SCR replacement, Cylinder Replacement , troubleshooting and any other problems you may encounter.

NSRW Supplies & Supports These Manufacturers’ Controls:

  • WTC
  • Bosch
  • Miyachi
  • WeldComputer
  • Entron
  • Intertron
  • Unitrol

The above systems have IO systems including EtherNet IP, DNET, Profibus, ProfiNet, MODBUS, DISCRETE IO (either AC or DC), and can be integrated easily with a PLC. The new weld controls also have software that can be used to program weld controls over a network, collect welding data, fault data and report any changes to weld schedules. This is a very useful tool for Quality and Maintenance to have. Systems from WTC and Bosch also have the ability for more advanced Adaptive Welding, which helps to increase the quality of the weld and reduce expulsion. 

NSRW Engineers can advise you on which system best suits your application and if Adaptive Welding would be suitable.

Repair Welders from ARO and Cebotech-Techna

Upgrade Weld Systems

Due to obsolescence of many systems, NSRW can help you determine your most cost efficient replacement and help to source hard-to-find parts.

Resistance Welding Transformers

NSRW can assist with your spot welding transformer needs. Due to the wide range available, we have a limited stock of new and used transformers. We will support  fixture, portable gun, machine, and Transgun/ robot transformers. We carry a line of products associated with transformers such as ground fault reactors, tap switches, disconnect plugs, and parallel/ series blocks. 

For MFDC transformers, we carry spare diode pucks and can repair these in a timely manor.

Supported Transformers

  • ROMAN 
  • Bosch

Resistance Welding Water Chillers

NSRW Engineers can help size and source water chillers to meet your needs. Chillers are used to keep a constant self-sustaining source of properly chilled water. Water chillers are used in numerous applications such as: Hydraulic Cooling, Inducted Heating Systems, Laser Cooling Equipment, MRI Medical Equipment, Plasma Cutting, Plastics, Process Equipment, Seam Welders, and Spot Welders.

  • Dimplex
  • Dynaflux
  • Schreiber Water Chillers

Resistance Welding Test Equipment

Any manufacturing facility maintenance department should carry the correct test equipment for the systems used. Contact the experts at NSRW  to get the best advice on what equipment you should have These include:

  • Weld Scopes: to measure and record weld data, including time and current
  • Force Gauges: to ensure the welding system is at the correct pressure for the product
  • MicroOhm Meter: to check continuity of low resistance systems :primary to transformer, secondary after transformer
  • Impedance Meters: to check continuity of low resistance systems: primary to transformer, secondary after transformer
  • Insulation Testers: to ensure no breakdown in high voltage circuits
  • Hardness Testers
  • Conductivity Meters

The test equipment manufactures we sell and support include:

  • Weld Current:
    • WTC: Wave
    • ENTRON: WA2
    • Dengensha: WS80 Weldscope
    • Miyachi
  • Force Gauges:
    • Sensor Developments
    • SensorTech
    • Miyachi
    • Tuffaloy
  • Equiptip Hardness Tester
  • Hocking Auto Sigma Conductivity Tester
  • Impedance Meters:
    • Roman,
    • FlexCable
    • Megger
    • AEMC
  • Insulation Testers:
    • Megger
    • AEMC
  • Push Off Tester