Copper-Chromium (C18200)

Class 2

Class 2 chromium copper alloy is a superior resistance welding electrode material used for high-level production spot and seam welding. The chemical composition of C18200 copper is 99.1% Copper and 0.9% Chromium.

C18200 copper is ideal for spot welding electrodes, projection welding electrodes, seam welding wheels, shafts, and bearings, flash welding electrodes, and current carrying structural members. Gun welder arms, welder platen, and secondary circuit structural members are also use cases available for high strength and high electrical conductivity casting. Class 2 chromium can also be heat treated.

Typical Uses of Class 2 Chromium Copper


In the consumer world, this type of copper is used for pencil-type and light soldering guns, tips, rods, and extensions.


For electrical purposes, there are a variety of uses for C18200 copper, such as Switch contacts, electric motor and generator components, contacts, wire, high-temperature semiconductor basses, parts for electronic devices, cable connectors, thermal conductors requiring greater strength than plain copper, arcing and bridging parts, circuit breaker parts, and electron tube grid side rods.


For industrial purposes, C18200 is used for resistance welding machine electrodes, spot welding tips, seam welding wheels, electrode holders, flash welding electrodes, plastic mold components, current carrying shafts and arms, wear plates on heavy equipment, heat sinks, and structural parts.

C18200 MSDS

Fabrication Properties

The fabrication properties of C18200 Copper are categorized as good, not recommended, fair, or excellent. The C18200 Copper properties are as follows.

  • Good for:
    • Soldering
    • Brazing
    • Gas shielded arc welding
    • Capacity for hot being formed
  • Excellent for:
    • Capacity for being cold worked
  • Fair for:
    • Butt welding
  • Not recommended for:
    • Oxyacetylene welding
    • Coated metal arc welding
    • Spot welding
    • Seam welding

Other common fabrication properties of C18200 Copper are bending, cold working, drawing, extruding, forging, heading hot working, impacting, rolling, and swaging. The machinability rating of C18200 is 20. C18200 copper alloys are forged at temperatures 760 to 871 degrees Celsius. The hot forgeability rating of these alloys is 80.

C18200 copper alloys are some of the most distributed in North America. These copper alloys are stocked by fifteen North American distributors and six large mills. Large quantities are available by these distributors while small quantities are only available online.

Health Hazard Information for Users of Chromium Copper C18200 and Chromium Zirconium 18150 Alloys (MSDS)

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  • Resistance welding
  • Seam welding
  • Flash and butt welding dies
  • Welding gun arms
  • Welding platens
  • Circuit breaker parts
  • Electrical and mechanical power transmission devices
  • Masks for compact discs & DVDs
  • Tips
  • Wheels
  • Clamps
  • High-strength fasteners

Material Properties

  • Density: 8,89 g/cm
  • Melting Point: 1070°
  • Electrical resistivity at 68°F: 13
  • Modulus of Elasticity Tension: 17000
  • Mean Coefficient Thermal Expansion: 9.8