Aluminum Bronze Alloys



The properties of alloys made from aluminum bronze the fact that they are extremely strong and corrosive. Additionally, their wear resistance is really good. Alloy 95400 can handle a lot of resistance and corrosion in addition to being cast. However, 95400 can be heat treated to improve its mechanical characteristics and allow it to be used in more strenuous situations. The aluminum bronze alloys NSRW has in stock include 95400, 62300, 62400, and 63000.

Aluminum Bronze Applications

Applications of aluminum bronze include marine uses, such as valve components. Additionally, aluminum bronze alloys are extremely weldable and have great resistance to corrosion.

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  • Valve components
  • Oil and petrochemical components
  • Water supply components
  • Ship propellers
  • Underwater fastenings
  • Aeronautical components
  • MIG welding processes

Material Properties

  • Extremely strong and corrosive
  • Good wear resistance