Standard Electrode Tips

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  • Standard Electrode Tips:

    • Pointed — tapered from the full-diameter electrode shank to required size and with a flat surface, holds its shape well, but is difficult to dress in the machine unless a dressing tool of the exact taper is provided.
    • Flat — employs the full shank or stock size at the welding surface.
    • Dome — used for less precise work where easy dressing is of advantage. the dome shape provides a greater approach to the flat surface of the work.
    • Offset — is used to make a spot weld closer to a vertical wall than is possible with a straight tip. the offset of the tip should be as slight as possible, as the electrode force or the compression load at the center line of the electrode axis will tend to cause bending of the tip. since the tendency of the electrode is to skid or deflect as the offset distance from the center of the electrode axis increases, offset tips should not be used except when required.
    • Radius — is used for the welding of aluminum and for many other precise applications because of the superior results to be obtained. the spherical surface is easier to clean without removing from the machine, will withstand higher pressures with less deformation and is more readily aligned in the holders.